The final migration to mobile….?

Ah yes…I still remember the excitement when my father purchased our first VHS recorder when I was but a boy- (quite a while ago now I grant you). The incredible new feature that had us all excited though was the ability to programme the thing to record specific channels so you would never again miss your favourite episode of Glenroe or Robin of Sherwood. I switched on my VHS player the other night to play an unlabeled tape to decide if it should be thrown out or destroyed entirely and a fleeting moment of nostalgia came over me – it was shortlived…crappy pictures and dreadful sound.

It got me thinking however about sky+ and TiVO. Given that there is a clear migration of users moving from desktops to mobile devices- particulalry Android and iPhone…I wonder how far down the line will it be that someone will write an App that allows you to harvest your favourite programme streams from the variety of iPlayers out there – the way that VODPOD allows you to harvest yourtube and vimeo clips….and hold them in a (sky+ like) vitual space in the cloud. Then when you have the time you launch your cloud-viewer App and it streams your chosen content direct to your mobile device or iPad? Now THAT would make me watch tv programmes on my iPad and iPhone 🙂 Thoughts anyone…?


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