iPad 2 does it make a difference?

Having been an early adopter of the first generation iPad I was really curious to see how far down the Galaxy Tab functionality route Apple would go.  The front and rear cameras were a no-brainer and should have been there from the start. Two key things though have me a little excited above and beyond the new processor-

[1] The optional extra HDMI output cable is a really nice feature – particularly as it gives a live view of your screen as opposed to being limited to iPhoto and Video output- so now the iPad can be used for presentations, training and large screen video conferencing (using the new Skype multi-call feature).

[2] Ive been waiting for iMovie to get to the iPad – using your optional extra Dock to USB adapter allows you to connect your iPhone directly to the iPad to import either photos or video. Now Ill be able to edit the video and export it.

Would be class if they offer an FTP client to send the fininshed files rather than email. I know you could shoot the video in-iPad so to speak but ….seriously can you imagine journalists walking around with iPads to shoot sequences and interviews? Seriously? NO REALLY?

Use the iPhone with an OWLE BUBO and a Sennheiser MKE400 mic or a radio-transmitter/receiver levalier even – much more practical. Edit the rushes on the iPad using iMovie or 1st Video and FTP to base or upload to youtube or Vimeo – Mobile Journalism has become a reality and for around Euro 2K a kit!


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Innovation Lead, RTÉ | VJ & MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Trainer -Circom Regional | Photographer | HDSLR shooter| Views are strictly personal, not those of my employer.

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