Stroome | mix it up. mash it out.

Stroome | mix it up. mash it out.. A few years back a UK tv channel (C4 I think but don’t quote me) launched a web-based video editor to allow users / viewers to upload and edit their material in the cloud. I remember thinking at the time “great idea – but its too early – broadband upload speeds just aren’t fast enough yet”. I never heard how it was received in the end….

Several years later a fledgling site called Stroome has been set up to harness editing in the cloud with the potential of social media platforms to distribute finished media and allowing other stroome users to re-edit or edit collaboartively. Its a novel idea – better still its free. I set up an account, knocked off a couple of shots for a simple sequence using the Kodak Zi8 and uploaded them to try it out.

OK so FCP / Avid it aint, but in a world where UGC is forever growing the idea of being able to collaborate with any other user on a global scale to produce a piece is quite interesting to me…lets say next St.Patricks day a selection of the Irish Diaspora decide to band together and shoot the festivites from wherever they are on the globe and then to upload and edit together a global view of St.Patricks day – Thats something Id watch – particulalry if I got a tweet to let me know its available online. Its worth a look…


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