Why Cisco’s flip flopped in the camera business (Wired UK)

Why Cisco’s flip flopped in the camera business (Wired UK). I have to say I was quite surprised by this when the story broke last week ( I know- still playing catch up ) but in the world of technology timing is often everything. Michael Rosenblum had a piece on his NYVS blog about the flip camera which revealed that the FLIP development team were literally about to launch a wi-fi enabled model that could both upload and stream direct to the www. Which in fairness has been a desireable feature since Cisco took the company over but instead of taking the next logical step CISCO killed it! The flip camera (and its competitors Kodak Zi8 etc) are at a quality and price point that would have had huge potential in the emerging Hyper Local news model. The iPhone killed the flip theory is only a fraction of the story – a journalist that can shoot video or audio with their phone is great – a journalist with a dead phone battery with video or audio on it is….USELESS! Hopefully Kodak wont follow suit.


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