Friends, this is a rare personal request – please read and RT.

Hi,  I as a policy never blog about personal topics – IMO that is for personalities only. However Im making one exception – because if you are based in Ireland and have links to the Irish photo industry then maybe you can help me.

My parents house in Tramore, Waterford was ransacked and robbed at the weekend. Ive just come back from trying to repair some of the damage the burglars inflicted. Aside from the psychological impact of the invasion of privacy into our family home my parents have had some expensive equipment and jewellery stolen. Garda forensics couldnt find any finger prints at the scene so this is really the only chance I have of helping my father.

My dad is 80 years of age, he has had a passion for photography since his teens and he passed that love on to me.  Over the years he has bit by bit built up an enviable collection of cameras. Among them a Leica, a Hassleblad and a Rolliflex. These cameras were stolen from the family safe during the burglary and he is devastated over it. Im waiting for him to give me the exact models (I will update this post) so I can post photos of them but please, if you are offered any of these rare cameras for sale in the coming weeks, or if indeed you happen on them on sites like done deal, gumtree, ebay etc

Please I beg of you to let me know so I can at least attempt to recover them for him. One pair of eyes and ears scouring the web can only achieve so much, but with your help maybe I can help recover the cameras and help catch the bas**rds that did this. Yours sincerely, Glen


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