The illogical nature of data bundles and tethered connections…..



This is a bit of a bug bear for me, and if anyone out there is, or expects to be a heavy data user (5Gb per month +) on their iPhone then this may well affect you too.  At the moment the typical mobile service provider is offering 1Gb and in a few instances 2Gb data bundle options for the iPhone, there is an additional option of around 10Gb tethered data bundle.

So I sit here testing video streaming and audio recording apps with my iPhone, I have it connected to a WiFi hotspot derived from a HTC Desire Android phone (tethered). I really have to ask the question….WHY? Why cant you simply get a 1Gb, 3Gb, 5Gb and 10Gb data bundle option tethered or otherwise? The amount of traffic being directed over the mobile network is the same either way, the only difference is that one is derived directly from the iPhone and the other is from an external device. It makes no sense.

Im testing all sorts of different apps for iPhone that could lead to massive news-gathering potential in the near future, many of my counter-parts in other broadcasters are doing the same…but the costs associated with going over the data limit on the current tariff are exorbitant!  I want to be able push the boundaries on these smart phones, to harness their true potential. So service providers, please, pretty please will you realise that data usage models are changing as we speak -its time to realise the opportunity, react and respond to user demand and give us decent bloody data bundles! Rant over,  phew!…..


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