Portrait Professional – Photo Editing Software 15% DISCOUNT COUPON


Portrait Professional – Easy Photo Editing Software. Hi folks I don’t know if any of you have an interest in portrait photography. However Im sure you’re familiar with the term AIRBRUSHING. You can touch-up a photo with photoshop but its quite an art and very time consuming. PortraitPro is a relatively inexpensive piece of airbrushing / retouch software and they are offering a 15% discount if you use the following coupon. You can use the coupon and send it on to friends no problem Just don’t OVER use the software – some of the examples on their website are awful!


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Innovation Lead, RTÉ | VJ & MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Trainer -Circom Regional | Photographer | HDSLR shooter| Views are strictly personal, not those of my employer.

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