Mic Adapter – Tieline Technology






Mic Adapter – Tieline Technology. Tieline have introduced their own audio interface/dock for iPhone4. The Tieline Mic Adapter allows you to connect a Professional XLR microphone for recording or live streaming using the companies Report-IT App. Ive tried the App and it is an ideal solution for Radio applications but its expensive – TOO expensive in my opinion – given that there are so many free alternatives (Viber, BlueFire etc) I also hear that the much discussed BBC Reporter App features a Tieline Report-IT- licensed interface for radio usage. One guess is that if someone like the BBC is going to deploy their custom App with Tieline codecs in it then having a Pro I/O interface is a must – I wonder how many of these mic adapters BBC have ordered. If I get my hands on one Ill post a review.


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