CNN Lays Off 50 Staffers, Citing ‘Workflow Changes,’ Reliance On User-Gen | paidContent

CNN Lays Off 50 Staffers, Citing ‘Workflow Changes,’ Reliance On User-Gen | paidContent. When I started working on iPhone workflows six months ago I was convinced that the time would come when offering free training to the public in how to best use the camera on the iphone for news gathering would become even more important that training journalists. Interestingly my comments were met with a deafening silence…which when finally broken basically dismissed the idea of UGC ever having the credibility that trained journalists and crews can deliver.

I understand the issue of agendas – implicitly. However no UGC would ever make air without the trained eye of an editor or producer having vetted them first. Apparently CNN has realized that having thousands of UGC (iReporters) in the field pretty much negates the need to have staffers waiting to be deployed. Im not advocating the annihilation of staff journalists- I’m simply saying that underestimating the power of crowd-sourcing content (UGC) for breaking news is kinda like burying your head in the sand while offering your ass up for a right kicking! Thats all!



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