DataMan Pro – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag for iPhone on the iTunes App Store






DataMan Pro – Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag for iPhone on the iTunes App Store. With all this talk about using iPhones and other smartphones for multi-media there is one elephant in the room I haven’t spoken about yet – Data charges. If you do shoot video (720p/1080p) on the iPhone 4/4s and then ftp it back to base on a regular basis- be prepared for a bill shock!

Here are a few tips to help you manage your costs- we’re in a recession after all!

1. Make sure your mobile tarriff has a good data package. Some operators offer a basic 500Mb per month and charge dearly for every single Mb over that – with add-on options. If you are sending Video you realistically need a montly mimimum of 5Gb preferably 10Gb if you can get it. The bundle may cost €20 – €40 extra but it will be hundreds if not thousands cheaper than going over your basic threshold.

2. WiFi: Identify and use local Wi-Fi – lots of coffee shops, hotels etc now have free wifi for patrons so before you order your grande Frappuccino check to see if your host coffee shop has wifi.

3. Use the data monitor function on your iPhone : >Settings >General >Usage
Its basic but it will give you an idea of your usage. Better still get a more detailed Data Analysis App  like DataMan Pro. There is a free version to try.

At the end of the day its all well and good having staff equipped with the ability to capture radio / tv interiews with smart phones but if the costs are extortionate to get the footage/clips then it nullifies the benefit!

Live streaming Video is a whole other ball game!!!


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