App Store – Pocket WavePad FREE audio editing package for iPhone / iPad

App Store – Pocket WavePad.

From the App Store:

A free sound editor for recording, editing, adding effects, and sending audio, Pocket WavePad allows you to record voice or music, then edit the recording and add effects to achieve high quality audio recordings.  Work within audio waveforms to make selections for quick editing, such as inserting recordings from other files, or apply effects like the high pass filter to clarify audio quality. For journalists and other professionals making recordings on the go, Pocket WavePad makes it easy to store or send recordings so they are readily available wherever they are needed.

• Supports a number of file formats including wave and aiff
• Editing capabilities include cut, copy, paste, insert, trim and more
• Effects include amplify, normalize, echo and more
• Work with multiple files
• Supports autotrim and voice activated recording
• Select sample rates from 8000-44100hz, 8-32 bits


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2 Responses to App Store – Pocket WavePad FREE audio editing package for iPhone / iPad

  1. Glen says:

    Since the upgrade to os7 on my Ipad2, I can no longer sent audio thru email. Is there a fix for this, or is something not configure now after the os7 upgrade. It’s frustrating! I use this feature every day. My GF lives in CA and I’m in PA, it’s one of the easiest forms of communication for us.

    • vjmentor says:

      Im one of those who have deliberately held off from upgrading to iOS7. So I can’t answer you but if you are on twitter drop a tweet to @marcsettle from BBC College of Journalism- hes written extensively on iOS7 and its implications for journs- pretty sure hes covered the audio/email problem. Cheers

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