I was reading “Tim Bray · Mobile 2011” and a graphic caught my eye…


ongoing by Tim Bray · Mobile 2011. Tim Bray works for Google but blogs about mobile technology. I was reading his article Mobile 2011 when a graphic caught my attention. In the Android photo gallery (not sure which Android version) the option SEND TO BBC NEWS appears under the sharing options! Well done BBC now thats clever – but it begs two questions.(and possibly more)

1. Is this the first step into a mirror of the CNN iReport partnership with Apple – where iMovie has a SEND TO CNN iReport? If so can we expect a BBC iWitness dedicated UGC App? It wasnt that long ago that BBC announced they were developing a dedicated IOS App for BBC Journalists!

2. Is this an indicator that BBC has turned away from Apple a its mobile solution provider or is it taking a sensible stereoscopic Apple/Android approach to UGC?

This will be one to watch in 2012


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