New version of AR-4i APP Now Available – Fostex News

New version of AR-4i APP Now Available – Fostex News.

“Quoted from Fostex Website:

The new version of the AR-4i APP (v.1.1.2) is now ready to Download with the Firmware Update.
The dedicated APP has been updated with the following new functions.

  • “Deep” mode has been added to the Limiter parameters that extremely limits the input signal.  It is effective for recording of continuous high level sound such as a live concert.
  • “Input Attenuator” has been added to the Menu.  Now each input can have attenuation of maximum -12dB with 3dB steps.  It is very handy when for example mic and line are used simultaneously on the inputs.  Also you can adjust the attenuation by the volume dial physically with the newly added “Input Vol Sync” switch On.
  • Parameters of Low Cut Filter have been modified to more practical values to 80 / 200 / 300 / 600.  It is useful to cut such unwanted low frequencies noise as wind, electrical appliance etc.
  • Maximum Headphones Output Level has been increased by 3dB for precise monitoring even in noisy environment.  Headphones Volume Limit function has also been added.
  • A problem that static noise is recorded under specific condition has been fixed.”
  • I spoke to a contact in Fostex just before Christmas and he said the only issue remaining is the 3G/WiFI switch-off on the iPhone 4S when used with the AR-4i. The Apple “made for iPhone” conference was held in November and Im told the issue was raised with Apple engineers. This is only an issue if you are using the AR-4i for live streaming. If you are shooting video to edit later then typically the phone is set to Airplane mode to avoid call interference.

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3 Responses to New version of AR-4i APP Now Available – Fostex News

  1. meeleyrb says:

    Hello. Perhaps this is not a forum, but i just
    tested my AR-4i and experienced a lot of noise transmission through the monopod handle. free standing tests were inpressive until i exhaled deeply and found that the sound of my breath popped through the cardioid windscreens even when i held the unit at arms length and made sure the LED settings were amply in the green. so i am discouraged about using this outdoors to record while camping. i cant imagine real videographers would be happy with this unit i
    f they experience similar issues with vibration and wind noise. ill be looking for small windscreen upgrades – if such exist – mainly interested in music recording in outdoor settings… any advice?
    thx for your time!

    • vjmentor says:

      Hi If you want to record decent audio I would strongly suggest you ditch the two “rabbit ear” mics that come with the Ar4i and get a decent mini rifle with a suspension unit- like the Sennheiser MKE400 or the Rode Video Mic Pro. As for the Monopod issue I can only assume its an all metal body. The reason I say this is I’ve used my Ar4i with a Manfrotto monopole which has heavy padding for the hands and have had no issues. Hope that helps. PS I have no vested interest in the Fostex product I like it because I can record two simultaneous audio tracks, I think it’s pretty unique in that.

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