mCAMLITE – ALMLive – Shoot-Edit-Upload (ByeBye OWLE Bubo???)


mCAMLITE – ALMLive – Shoot-Edit-Upload
. It appears the OWLE Bubo has been rebranded the MCam by its main distributors ALM ( Interestingly there is a new version just after popping up on their site branded the MCamLite which as you can see from the photo is a new shape, looks like a bigger wide angle lens and the familiar omni-mic. Glad to see the cold shoe is still there (very handy for a RODE VideoMicPro or a Sennhesier MKE400 – which I prefer over the RODE) Ill try to get my hands on one to compare with the BuBo – Oops I mean the MCam (original)


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2 Responses to mCAMLITE – ALMLive – Shoot-Edit-Upload (ByeBye OWLE Bubo???)

  1. David McClelland says:

    Interesting, from both a branding and a range point of view.

    The main difference I see is that the MCamLite no longer features the two handles/grips below the body (hence the ‘lite’ I guess), although it retains 3 of the 4 mounts. The lens has the same specs (37mm, .45x) as the full-sized Bubo/MCam, perhaps looking more prominent in the images due to the smaller body. The main question is whether the smaller body and loss of the grips means that the unit loses some of its wobble-busting heft that made its big brother so popular.

    The rebranding from Bubo to MCam is brave but maybe wise – it’s certainly a more evocative name for mobile media, camera etc.

  2. Jon Seale says:

    One of the niceties of the new design (I’m an owner of the mCamLite), is that one of the mounts is on the bottom in the center. Makes for much better balancing than the Bubo. As for heft, it’s still a hefty piece of work and the portion of the body that sticks out makes for a great grip. All-in-all, I’d say the design changes are for the better.

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