One Last Kodak Moment? Kodak Intros Wi-Fi and Hybrid Cameras | PCWorld


One Last Kodak Moment? Kodak Intros Wi-Fi and Hybrid Cameras | PCWorld. Aside from ultra thin notebooks, tablets and tvs one other noticeable trend at CES2012 has been the onslaught / kickback from big name manufacturers against mobile phone cameras. Samsung, Sony and Kodak have all released combined still/video cameras that feature WiFi streaming – some to social media services, some to dedicated cloud storage. All however have taken aim at the Achiles Heel of mobile phone cameras: ZOOM. Almost all of the new offerings have high quality glass/and digital Zoom lenses as a feature. It will be very interesting to see will Apple respond with a Zoom enabled video camera in the iPhone5 when it launches later this year. Almost all the cameras mentioned above will be in the €200 – €350 price range -which is clever, because that price is accessible enough to encourage you to by a smaller capacity iPhone4/4s (16Gb) and put the difference towards on of these babies. You can even use your iPhone as your WiFi hotspot!!!! Click the headline for a review of some of the new Kodak offerings from PCWorld.


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