41 Megapixel Nokia 808 PureView first sample shots — feast your eyes update: GigaPan them! — Engadget

 Nokia 808 PureView first sample shots — feast your eyes update: GigaPan them! — Engadget. Just when you thought (or I thought anyway) there was no way back for Nokia, they drop a bombshell like the 808 Smartphone with Pureview technology. Theres a section on the Nokia website that explains the science behind pureview if you’re so inclined. Im a simple man though and as I scanned through the press release there were just two pieces of info that REALLY caught my attention.

A. 41 Megapixels. Sorry thats too understated, let me try again- FORTY BLOODY ONE MEGAPIXELS!!! That kicks the ass of my Nikon DSLR for gods sake- its insane. Its also AMAZING. The images are stunning and you really should head over to the Engadget page to look at their GiGaPan gallery of the shots.

B. 1080p Video at 30 fps but wait for it – 4x zoom without picture quality loss! There folks in those little words is the killer part of the equation. Let me explain.

If you follow the blog you will have noticed Im an Apple fanboy – In fact Im developing Mobile Journalism training courses predicated entirely on the iPhone4/4s and iPad2. If you stick on an OlloClip your factory default iPhone camera can have a Wide Angle, A Fisheye and a Macro lens. Ive tried the dodgy 8x zoom – the picture distortion is unusable for any serious production. So my iPhone can shoot normal, wide, extra wide or macro (and soon to be 2x zoom with an additional iPro lens) but that it. NO DIGITAL ZOOM without picture quality loss. The NOKIA can zoom 4x with no extras! THIS I HAVE TO SEE!!. If NOKIA are clever they will procure a handfull of companies that can offer third party accessories to up the audio connectivity and stability etc. This is one to keep an eye on. No word yet on availability in the Irish market, but rumoured pricepoint in the US is $600+


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