Its Bad News: Apple Doesnt Allow FaceTime Over 4G In New iPad — AppAdvice

Its Bad News: Apple Doesnt Allow FaceTime Over 4G In New iPad — AppAdvice.

Its been little over a week since the “New iPad” was launched and the gloss is already losing its shine. Yesterday Piotr Kaszynski, a colleague in RTE brought a story to my attention about the LTE frequencies of the new iPad with the revelation that the US is using 700Mhz and 2100Mhz spectrum whereas Europe is already using 800Mhz, (1800MHz) and 2600Mhz. Put in non techie speak, this means the new iPad can’t “tune in” to the European LTE frequencies. So before you fork out loads of cash to experience the newsest and fastest version of mobile networks (aka 4G) on the new iPad, hold on a sec – its probably a waste of money.

LTE is at least a year to 18 months away for Ireland anyway (subject to Government tender etc) but Vodafone Irl tell me that the new “WORLD READY” iPad can however use the DC_HSDPA network in Ireland – a product they market as “Performance Pro” which will allow peak download speeds of 27Mbps which is pretty impressive.

The double whammy from Apple is that in spite of the amazing camera and kick ass screen the new iPad has the same mobile network restriction for Facetime. Put simply, no matter how good the mobile network, 2G, 3G, 4G etc etc you still can’t make facetime calls over it -STRICTLY WIFI ONLY!! Considering you can now enable a wifi hotspot within the iPad this makes no sense whatsoever. Like I said the gloss is getting tarnished from exposure to the cold light of day 😦



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