Good News: Fostex AR4I IPhone Audio Interface now 100% compatible with iPhone4s


Fostex AR4I IPhone Audio Interface. I’d like to credit Bengt Arvidson for bringing this to my attention. I tested the iPhone 4s running iOS 5.01 last night and as Bengt had suggested the issue of docking the AR4i to the 4s and disabling the WiFi and 3G connections is now resolved. Given that Fostex released a firmware update last December to cure the audio sampling issue this now means the ar4i is 100% compatible with the iPhone4s. Id also like to note that in recent tests while shooting with the Fopstex and using the FilmicPro App the audio display on the App (not on the Ar4i) has occasionally frozen. I made the mistake of ignoring this once and paid a costly price afterward when editing-there was no audio whatsoever on the clip. I originally thought it might be an issue with the phone coming loose in the fostex cradle – that is NOT the case. Filmic have released a new update recently and I havent tested it yet but my advice (for what its worth) is if you are shooting and the audio monitor in FilmicPro stops giving a reading, Stop recording, Quit FilmicPro (close it ion the taskbar), undock the phone, reconnect it, wait for the  AR4i to boot and then restart FilMicPro. Better that than have a mute recording.


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