Nexto DI – Next Generation Portable Storage with Digital Interfaces: CF, SD and SXS

Nexto DI – Next Generation Storage with Digital Interface.

I think this is a very clever device. It is basically a portable Harddrive but with a good selection of IO options. On the input side theres a Compact Flash slot, and SD/SDHC slot and an Express Card/SXS slot which basically means when you are out on location on a long shoot you can dump cards onto the NEXTO DI and then reformat them for reuse in your camera. With the input selection available this will support Sony EX series cameras, Canon Nikon DLSRs etc etc. On the output side theres Firewire 800, eSata and usb. You can review clips on the screen and the menus are clear and easy to read.

The device is rechargeable and is capable of replicating a backup onto two external drives simultaneously (once they are different connectors Firewire 800, eSata and usb) It has built in drop detection to protect the HardDrive in the event of a fall. The pricepoint is around €1500 -might seem expensive in terms of CF/SD cards but two 32Gb SXS cards will cost that if not more- and this baby had a 750Gb HDD on board.


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