What if Owle Bubo and Fostex AR4i mated……?

Mercuryexposure contacted me about the iPro Lens system for iPhone. The question was whether it would be possible to cut the iPro case so it can be used with the Fostex Ar4i. We were thinking the same way apparently, as recently Fred Wood (who is a tutor with iMobileJournalist.com) pointed out that the best and cheapest solution would be to get a male to female Apple 19pin dock connector and see if it will work. At almost the same time YoHibino suggested to me that the dock extension cable might be the solution for using the Fostex AR4i with the New iPad (iPad3). Both of them were 100% correct – The answer…? YES it sure as hell does. So using this mashup you get the lens of the OWLE, the audio features of the AR4i in one (not so pretty) configuration.

What do you think? Would you use this in the field? Im going to strip the Ar4i down to its bear bones to see if I can make it more practical to use but in principle this works.



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2 Responses to What if Owle Bubo and Fostex AR4i mated……?

  1. mercuryexposure says:

    That is pure awesome ! Although ugly as sin 🙂
    what a great workaround to be able to combine those two fantastic items.

    Here is a pic of the rig we are using to capture behind the scenes footage during the making of our feature length documentary.

    I like using the Vello extension handle as it gives me a little more stability when going handheld. Also, the cool thing about using the Rotolight is we can mount it directly over the long Rhode Shotgun Mic. Although, we usually use the Rhode Video Mic Pro, but it is too wobbly to support the Rotolight, so we then mount the Rotolight on the Vello handle (which has two cold shoe mounts).

    I’m going to look into creating (3d printing) an iphone case with a 37mm ring that can fit over the end of the iphone and snugs up to the Fostex AR-4i. that way we can use these lenses that
    TrintyFXMG Productions found work great. (Thus doing away with the need for the Bubo)


    BTW: For recording, we use the incredible app FILMIC PRO as it allows recording of stereo audio and their soon to be released upgrade will feature visual monitoring of both audio channels.

    Thanks for covering this on your great blog !

  2. mercuryexposure says:

    I wanted to let you know I thought the above combination was so cool, I’m going to try it with my rig.

    Also, Since we do a lot of outside shooting our community is in desperate need of a sunshade. I did a DYI attachment hack (Velcro strips) for the Sunshade Hood that came with our Swivi (that we usually use on the 5D-M2). I’ve got an email into the manufacturer to see if we can buy the shades separately. If so, I’ll post the link here in case anyone else wants a similar setup.

    Vello Extension Handle with 2 cold shoe attachments
    Ikan 3212 LED light (dimmable and switchable from 3200 to 5600) it is rather large and heavy
    or Rotolight LED light (small and light, but not dimmable)
    Rhode Video Mic Pro
    Fostex AR-4i (stereo recording) connector cable not shown
    Sunshade Hood (From Swivi) attached by velcro strips
    Sony headphones
    Filmic Pro (of course !)

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