GREAT NEWS: Split audio editing IS Possible with iMovie on iPad3 plus some interesting Camera compatibility tests

UPDATE*** The Video Workflow is now online – its been open access for 24hours but the password is now on- so email me if you want to view it.
The PDF document of the workflow is also up for grabs for anyone who gets in touch.

Ive had a little time over the past few days to do some tests with the New iPad and the latest version of iMovie.

First off I decided to see what cameras (of the few I have) might be compatible with the latest version of iMovie (which now supports 1080p)

So far Ive tested the GoPro HeroHD,  Nikon D7000 and the Kodak Zi8 – All three (shooting in 1080p mode) import fine into the Photos/Camera Roll and also import perfectly into iMovie for editing.

The second little gem Ive discovered is that you CAN do split audio editing -well sort of. Its a workaround and involves using a second App to extract the audio, but after hours of trying different methods Ive found one that works. Its a little fidgety and you will need 3G or WiFi access for it to work but it does and the beauty of this workflow is that you can move the split audio completely independent of the video in iMovie  but the lip synch is a bit of a challenge. Realistically how many split audio edit will a typical 1:45 news item have? Here the average is about three for that duration.

Avid – are you listening? This is a feature I mentioned would be an absolute must after the initial release of Avid Studio for iPad, (that and in App voiceover recording.)

Ill post a video on Vimeo later today to show you exactly how to do it, however – for the first time this tutorial will be password protected. If you want access to it you will have to email me: for access. Im not looking for anything from you other than your email details to add to a mailing list -I would like to build a network of contacts who are interested in MoJo – as things stand a lot of people (over 5000) last year viewed the blog but I have no way of knowing who they are, what they do or why they are interested in my research.

If you don’t want to be part of this mailing list but still want access to the workflow video then email me and tell me as much!

Alternatively you can drop me a message via TWITTER : @glenbmulcahy please use hashtag #iMojo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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