Why iPhone and not Android? This graphic may help to explain.

Every time I post something about an iPhone project Ive just finished I get a barrage of anti Apple pro Android grief. So to answer the question once and for all. Let me give you a hypothesis…imagine I run a large electronics company and I want to get in on the smart phone action. I want to bring out a device that allows you to connect external microphones to a smart phone and allow you to (A) record in stereo (B) harness the Digital audio processing on the phone…

Now looking at this quick piece of market research, would I base my business plan on graphic 1 or graphic 2 given that each platform has arguably a 50% share of the market….Which would you go for? Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with Android, in fact I carry two phones with me every day – one iPhone and One HTC Desire (android) it just that the market has a huge selection of accessories for the single form factor of the iPhone4/4s but trying to corner that market for Android means developing about 150 different versions for different case sizes and connectors and chip sets etc etc etc ? You feel me? (Sorry been watching the WIRE a lot lately 🙂 Case Closed – hopefully 🙂




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One Response to Why iPhone and not Android? This graphic may help to explain.

  1. Exactly! Reading your posts, and doing lots of research online, I am slowly building up my iPhone kit for use here at our radio stations. The ability to buy (1) Ap, (1) cable, (1) platform makes it easy for me to learn, train, and fix for the folks who will be using the gear.

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