| Broadcast-quality film shot on iPhone 4S and edited on iPad (video)

Broadcast-quality film shot on iPhone 4S and edited on iPad (video) – New Media – New Media | – Ireland\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Technology News Service. SiliconRepublic, the defacto Irish Technology website, ran an article on the iOS Story Challenge yesterday. The idea that an iPhone and iPad together with extras can generate such good quality is not what has aroused interest…iMovie is so easy to use that editing a home movie on it is childsplay-pretty much anyone can do it. Many journalists have edited video on iPad but found, in spite of its ease of use, that there were fundamental functions that they needed that weren’t included. For me the key one was being able to separate audio from video and use it as a voice narrative under other pictures. When I happened on a way and subsequently a seconde way of achieveing this I had to set myself a challenge that would produce a package similar to those produced by high end edit suites like Media Composer and FCP. Ive had some comments about the audio levels being hot and the mix being left when Carol is in vision right of screen. My take on that is that the iPhone is not a high end production system replacement – its is an additional menthod of gathering and editing pictures for our video hungry online audience. I still believe VJs, DSLR videographers and Traditional ENG Cameraman have a key role to play in the big picture and that this is not a replacement for any of those roles but a complimentary and accessible way of increasing newsgathering potential. As Philip Bloom said during his Galway workshop “theres no perfect camera – different cameras have different strengths and weaknesses – they key is choosing the right one for the right job” (not quoted verbatim) In the case of mobile journalism it too sits into a family of production methods and has its strengths and weakness.


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  1. Rtm says:

    that graphic is awesome… what a great breakdown. nicely done.

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