iPhone Add-On Lens comparison: iPhonelinser Vs OlloClip

You probably know I got very excited when the Olloclip appeared on Kickstarter way back when, mainly because I knew it would be compatible with the Fostex Ar4i. It has been on every shoot Ive done and I really like how simple yet robust it is, however I need a zoom…..

Ill be in Malmo Sweden in May to talk about mobile journalism at the Circom Annual conference. I mentioned this on http://www.imobilejournalist.com and in response I got a message from Henrik Samuelsson who owns http://iphonelinser.com/ Henrik just happens to be based in Malmo and he wanted me to see his lens kit. The iPhonelinser (website will be in english soon he tells me) has the three same functions as the OlloClip but has the option of an additional 2X Zoom lens also. I took the two lens systems out for a quick field trial and I have to say the two were pretty much exactly the same. The 2x lens on the iphonelinser though is a real advantage and I have to say it will definately feature in my shoot kit from now on.

One important note though: Unlike the Olloclip which has a hard moulded clip to hold the lens in place the iPhonelinser uses a small magnetic ring with an adhesive back which mounts on your iphone.

Maybe my iPHone wasnt 100% clean but I found the ring slipped several times when changing lenses- which became tedious after a time but Im sure I could get better adhesion if I left it sit overnight on a clean glass back. The iPhonelinser is available for 499 Swedish Kroner = €56 ex P&P which is only slightly more expensive than the OlloOclip $69.99 = €52.81 ex P&P.  Heres the results…


I used a combination of the Fostex AR4i (bottom) and a GLIF (top) with a hotshoe adapter to do the test.


About vjmentor
Innovation Lead, RTÉ | VJ & MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Trainer -Circom Regional | Photographer | HDSLR shooter| Views are strictly personal, not those of my employer.

2 Responses to iPhone Add-On Lens comparison: iPhonelinser Vs OlloClip

  1. Rtm says:

    how cool. great to see more lenses on the market that are compatible with AR-4i. I also like how you did your test. hopefully we’ll see Olloclip come out with a 2x

  2. I absolutely adore my olloclip – the fish eye and the macro are fab, you are right about it slipping though. I hadn’t heard of this new rival lens. I wonder if the next iPhone might have these lenses built in? That would be cool!

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