Nuacht RTE/TG4 reporter Sean MacAn tSithigh shoots his first iPhone story and it aired last night on Nuacht TG4

Another milestone in the evolution of mobile journalism was reached last night when a story about artists in Dingle seeking a community arts space was aired on Nuacht TG4. The story very much followed the Suil Eile ( a different perspective) approach of Nuacht – so one might think that was nothing out of the ordinary. But what set this story apart was that the VJ responsible, Sean Mac An tSithigh, shot the story on an iPhone 4s and editied it using Avid Studio for iPad. You can view the story here if it doesn’t appear in the viewer below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ill be adding this story to the others Ill be showing at my MoJo workshop in Malmo on Friday.


Im hoping to Livestream the 1 hour session so if you’d like to join in visit and click the Livestream button. You can interact via Twitter by using the #iMoJo hastag.


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3 Responses to Nuacht RTE/TG4 reporter Sean MacAn tSithigh shoots his first iPhone story and it aired last night on Nuacht TG4

  1. Dan Linehan says:

    Glen,Great work by Sean,
    I’m interested in working with an iphone. i currently shoot video on a nikon d3s using a rode mike and mimina LED light, just an example.
    I need a simple kit and need to know where i can purchess items
    Many Thanks
    Dan Linehan
    Photographer and Video Journalist
    Irish Examiner

    • vjmentor says:

      HI Dan, thanks for getting in touch. You have a very nice piece of kit in your D3s (Im a Nikon user too). I can offer several possible solutions for you but it would be helpful to know exactly how you intend to use it.

      Ive watched that piece with Franc by the way. Nicely shot and good sound. Have the Examiner done Video Journalism training with all the staff photogs? The reason I ask is Im just back from a conference in Sweden talking about mobile journalism and I was very surprised to learn that only 3 out of 80 delegates representing TV stations have used DSLR in their output! If you are serious about moving into this area (VJ/MoJo) a coffee to discuss your options would be a good idea.
      What do you think? G

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