QWIKI – the next generation of multimedia production tools online?

I happened on a website today called QWIKI – Don’t know if they know what that means in Ireland 😉 but its still a catchy name. I downloaded the iPad App which is a very clever mashup of WIKIPEDIA, Google, Fotopedia and YouTube. Its worth downloading just to hear the SIRI-esque voice assistant struggle with the pronunciation of Irish placenames! Seriously though, it, as a visual WIKI is very impressive – a kind of early version of the Hitchhikers guide to the planet.

Anyway – the website http://www.qwiki.com seems to be preparing for the launch of an online QWIKI production tool. I watched the demo and I thought – this could be to Multimedia/Video production online what Twitter was to micro-blogging. Short form, simple, intuitive multi-media production. Its combines text, video, hyperlinks, social media, photographs etc etc into one tidy package – which I gather can be embedded in your site / blog. I’m looking forward to trying the interface when it released and will keep you posted. In the meantime why not pop over for a visit to their site – the cover page looks like a promo for 90210 😀 (lots of beautiful/handsome people)…Image

and if the Twitter Bio of Founder & CEO @dougimbruce is anything to go by -this is a company to keep an eye on.


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