On The Possibility Of An Apple Standalone Camera | iLounge Backstage

On The Possibility Of An Apple Standalone Camera | iLounge Backstage.

Until today I have tried to avoid posting speculation and rumour articles about Apple and its product range. However when I read this short article from iLounge.com it caught my attention and got me to thinking….

The theory is that Apple MIGHT be developing a stand-alone camera product- allegedly called iSight (which is the name of the current camera in MacBooks etc). It further suggests that this camera may hit the market after the much speculated Apple iTV is released later this year or early 2013 (if you believe the grapevine rumors).

My argument FOR: I have been desperately looking for a decent zoom lens that can be used with the iPhone since the iPhone4 was released Im now wondering if maybe Apple anticipated there would be a desire for a higher end camera for the iOS family since its inception. Im wondering if this alledged iSight will in fact be a stand alone product or an add-on for the iOS product range (or maybe both). If the (much speculated) new smaller dock connector comes to fruition with the iPhone5 then maybe Apple have held an ace card up their sleeve in the form of an additional camera (hopefully with decent zoom functionality ) that would work with the new dock connector.

Ive watched with great interest as firms like IK Multimedia, Tascam, Fostex, Apogee to name but a few have led the charge into peripherals for the iPhone and iPad that harness the Digital Audio recording functions of the iPhone and iPad to offer professional audio results…it makes sense that Apple (while watching the take up of iPhone and iPad in production models ranging from UGC to Broadcast) might decide to enhance the potential of these devices by adding a better , optional extra, camera. Lets face it, pocket camera and DSLR makers have been offering 720p/1080p video recording since Nikon released the D90 and Canon the 5Dii several years ago. In fact the 5Dii has spawned an entire indie film revolution with the massive and burgeoning range of lenses, monitors, should mounts and rigs all multiplying by the day. Now however the new frontier is “connected cameras” with a good range of camera manufacturers adding built in WiFi support in camera – which allows sharing and live streaming natively from the device. I have no doubt that this is a way of competing with the multi-faceted uses of the iPhone (or iPad) as a stills and video camera. Apple might also of course just be developing an add-on for the iTV which will allow FaceTime /Skype calling but I can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t build it in from the beginning.

My argument AGAINST. The Photography / Video market is saturated with devices ranging from great but cheap pocket cameras like the Canon IXUS all the way up to the REDs, Arri Alexas and beyond. There are so many competing manufacturers in the photography / video space its hard to see how Apple could introduce a product that would be so radical and dramatically different to whats out there already that it could follow the revolutionary line-up of the iPhone and iPad and CREATE a new niche. Still one could argue that the mobile phone market was heavily saturated when the iPhone was released and that didn’t stop Apple.

Im really torn. I would actually love to see what Jonathon Ive would come up with if he were designing a camera. I would love to have zoom functionality to add to the potential of the iOS family for mobile journalism- in fact its one of the only weaknesses in my MoJo production model. Maybe its all just part of the pre-iPhone hype that always accompanies the release of a new/revised Apple product and Im getting my hopes up unnecessarily. Either way it will be interesting to see if theres any truth in it.

I suddenly remember the iCam concept by Antonio DeRosa fromn ADR studios last November. Maybe this man is in fact psychic!

images from PetaPixel.com


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