Using cheap DSLR Loupes to better control exposure in FilMicPro during iPhonephotography and video production

One of the issues that has come up on each of the iPhone shoots I’ve done is getting the exposure right so it doesn’t blow the whites. In the “Edible @ the Science Gallery” story exposure was a nightmare as the screen glare made it almost impossible to get the exposure right. Shooting the outdoor sequences in the “Design Inspiration” in Stephens Green was also difficult with at least one shot been over-exposed.

Since then Ive been trying out two different budget DSLR “loupes” in an attempt to get exposure right. I’ve just received these from Amazon and wanted to try them out side by side. The first is the HOODMAN HoodLoupe 3.0 which you will pick up on for around £75 the second is the PERFECT (Neewer) Viewfinder LCD Foldable which is on Amazon for £40.71. Both products are designed for DSLRs with a screen size of 3″ – which presents an issue with the iPhones 3.5″ screen. However when you are holding the Loupe up to the screen it gives you a really good idea of the general exposure.

Its probably worth mentioning that both Loupes have Diopter adjustment.


My initial impression was that the Perfect Viewfinder appeared far more professional. However Upon opening them my opinion switch dramatically….


The Hoodman is made from a very strong robust rubber which sits nicely against the iPhone screen and comes with a lanyard to keep it around your neck (remember it would be pointless to have it affixed more permanently as you need access to the iPhone touch screen for control. The Perfect Viewfinder is hinged and designed to snap on to a adhesive frame that mounts on your DSLR – or in this case your iPhone…OBVIOUSLY I wasnt going to stick a 3″ frame on my iPhone, however just holding the Loupe against the screen works fine.

The image quality from the Hoodman is superior to the Perfect and the hoodman comes with a convenient belt puch which is handy for protection also. Im going to shoot a story this weekend using the Hoodman and Ill post the results next week. Lets see if it makes a difference. G


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