Rotolight Anova 2 | A revolutionary LED studio/location flood with iOS- DMX control over WiFi

Last month Rotolight released a new Pro LED light called the ANOVA. I saw a demo of it on Youtube courtesy of Nate “Blunty” Burr and I was blown away. It is DEFINITELY worth a watch.

Heres a snippet from the ROTOLIGHT WEBSITE blurb…

“ANOVA is a revolutionary bi-colour led floodlight with a super-wide 110 degree beam angle with a gorgeous soft light output that eliminates hard shadows and hotspots. The Rotolight Anova 2 delivers 1000watt equivalent output whilst using 93% less energy than a standard Tungsten bulb with virtually no heat, and also includes a V-lock plate for battery operation on location as standard! Anova’Bi-Colour LED System is capable of accurately reproducing white light from candlelight through to full daylight in 10 degree Kelvin Steps, with a real time colour temperature display. The Rotolight ANOVA also features full wired DMX control and inbuilt WiFi as standard, allowing wireless remote control of brightness, colour temperature, and system settings via iPhone or iPad , using the Rotolight Magic EyeTM App (available separately from the iTunes Store).

Rotolight’s new ‘Magic Eye’ APP allows users to accurately ‘sample’ both the colour and intensity of ambient light using any iPhone or iPad, the ANOVA light will then accurately reproduce it. This revolutionary technology will also enable users to remotely sample colour temperature and transmit that across the world to the studio, enabling synchronization of colour both on location and in the studio. In the fader page, users will be able to control multiple lights, and store / recall scenes , with transitions, wirelessly.”

Each ANOVA retails for approx £1,800 – so its pricey by comparison to some of the LED Bi/Tri color studio lights out there, but its battery / mains powered and I think it is a thing of beauty (and function)

Click this link to visit the Rotolight site for more info….


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One Response to Rotolight Anova 2 | A revolutionary LED studio/location flood with iOS- DMX control over WiFi

  1. Rotolight says:

    Magic Eye iPhone App now available to down load on the App store!!!

    Check out the Amazing Rotolight ANOVA showreel!

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