Videography « « Swivl versus Motrr Galileo | iOS motion control pan/tilt heads

Videography « « Swivl – Personal Cameraman for hands free video Swivl – Personal Cameraman for hands free video.

My Swivl finally arrived and its a great piece of kit. You get the occasional drop off between the tracker and the head but there is a sports mode that gives better response time and Ive found that to be the most accurate. The Swivl App is basic enough – it gives you access to remote recording from the tracker which is  cool but the camera is full auto with focus locking once you press record – a few extra controls (exposure/white-balance) would be very welcome. I’ll set it up to do a simple bambuser stream at some point to see how it performs but I know my other half is going to love using it while Skyping her sister in Boston. Worth the few bobs I think – $179 per unit Swivl have also release a PAN ONLY version (the Swivl IT) which retails at $129 per unit

I saw a release today for another iOS remote pan tilt head: the Motrr Galileo

The two devices are not the same – the SWIVL follows the tracker module and the TILT function needs user intervention by pressing a button on the tracker. The Galileo on the other hand needs a second iOS device to control the pan-tilt functions (remotely) – this will have a lot of potential applications also. Its expected to ship late summer so it will be interesting to compare the two when I can finally lay my hands on both! The Galileo is online for $116.99 – special 10% pre order price.


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One Response to Videography « « Swivl versus Motrr Galileo | iOS motion control pan/tilt heads

  1. Our next firmware/app release slated to be out in the next few weeks will allow two of the things you are requesting:
    1. We added exposure locking to the app
    2. We added a setting to allow for the automatic tilting, for those who want it.

    We are also adding other features our customers requested. This is a product that is continuing to evolve.

    P.S. FaceTime works better than Skype

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