Avid Sells all “consumer product lines” Avid Studio for iPad goes to Corel- Now what?


I havent commented about it until now because I was in real danger of saying things that included a LOT of expletives and swearing. However, now that Ive calmed down I can write with reasonable composure about AVIDs recent decision to divest itself of all its consumer products.

As you might know Ive spent nearly two years now putting together a Mobile Journalism model that will allow a journalist (print/radio/web or tv) to shoot and edit complete news type packages on relatively inexpensive iOS equipment (iPhone and iPad) Several months ago, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I invested a significant amount of time devising a way to export video clips from iMovie to rip the audio file and reimport it back into the iMovie timeline. I went to this trouble as it had become apparent that split audio editing was one of the key features that was missing in both Avid Studio version 1.0 and iMovie. Three weeks later Avid released version 1.1 of Avid Studio for iPad and it rendered all my fidgeting null and void. The interface featured new multi-touch gestures, the ability to record VO in-App and the ability to seamlessly separate audio from video with one swipe. I rejoiced at that stage: mobile journalism had come of age and Avid Studio, together with the Fostex Ar4i and the Owle Bubo were key enablers. I should point out that I had given feedback to Avid after the initial release and was optimistic of the new features before released. I spoke at the Circom conference in Malmo Sweden in may and highlighted Avid studio as a key production App -subsequently Avid asked to issue a press release about my MoJo project in RTE which subsequently featured in several industry magazines including TVB Europe.

So last week, when Avid announced that they had agreed to sell off their consumer lines I was quite dissapointed to say the least. Avid have a brilliant product development team and their responsiveness to suggestions on the Studio App was remarkable. Corel, (makers of Corel Draw, WinZip etc) haven’t specified their plans for Avid Studio. In their press release they simply state:

“With the power of the Pinnacle Studio and Corel VideoStudio brands, Corel now offers the industry’s broadest consumer video editing software portfolio,” said Matt DiMaria, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Corel. “These products will meet virtually any need or creative impulse – whether customers are looking to quickly capture, edit and share videos on their iPad or require the exceptional control of a full-featured desktop application.”

Corel will offer the Pinnacle consumer video editing products to customers and partners through its global sales, marketing and services organisations. As part of the transaction, the company will welcome a core group of employees from the Pinnacle product team to its digital media group, which is also responsible for the company’s VideoStudio®, PaintShop® Pro, WinDVD® and Roxio® product lines.

I have tried to contact Corel to get information on development, relaunch etc but to date have had no luck. In the interim I was bombarded with Twitter DMs about the future of MoJo. Heres what I think…iMovie is still a viable alternative to Avid Studio and it would surprise me very much if, at the impending iPhone 5 launch, Apple don’t claw back some of the functionality that Avid managed to claim with AS v1.1. The other key player in this market is VERICORDER who, to their credit, have been pushing the MoJo agenda for over three years now. Their production suite, 1st Video, VC Audio Pro and their latest offering Voddio have built in features like store and forward and split audio as standard, not to mention their findstringers site which allows freelance MoJOs to register and offer to cover a particular geographic “beat”. 

With the new iPhone coming out soon and the likelyhood that Fostex will release an AR5i? in the not too distant future, Im confident that MoJo is not just a passing Fad, but in fact a real, viable, cost efficient newsgathering model that will only continue to grow – driven for the most part by print industry migration to online video.

I would just like to add that I have replaced the Rigid MoJo case with this new backpack from Rollei- the Fotopro TT-1: 2 in 1 travel-tripod and bag combination is a brilliant MoJo solution as the Tripod folds down neatly into the base of the bag and there is enough space on top for an Owle, AR4i and mics. NICE. Image


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