mCAM Vs Phocus iPhone Videography mounts

This (above) is the mCAM from Action Life Media (ALM). Its the latest iteration of the iPhone Cradle that started with the Owle Bubo.

For more info visit: 

This is the Phocus from SmartPhocus its an iPhone cradle….

Is it just me or….?


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2 Responses to mCAM Vs Phocus iPhone Videography mounts

  1. Daniel Leeson says:

    For shooting video with an iPhone kit like this what video editing software would you recommend for a PC? Is any special video editing software needed for iPhone filming with equipment like this? Also I have heard radio mics are essential for an iPhone journalism kit but they are expensive at a couple of hundred pounds. Can you just use the Senheiser microphone instead of radio microphones? Is the Senheiser microphone portable? Thanks. Keen to learn more.

    • vjmentor says:

      Hi Daniel. Thanks for getting in touch.
      To kick off I have to confess I’m a MAC fan so Im not the best person to ask what PC editing software you should use. I know Avid Media Composer is available for MAC and PC but its a professional product and costs as such (€2000) Alternatively you could try Sony Vegas- not sure what it retails at but I know a few people who swear by it.

      To be perfectly honest you need to check that whatever software you consider buying/trying it must support MP4 and ideally, but not essentially AVCHD. As for the microphone question – Radio Mics bring a lot of advantages but they are NOT essential. If you are just starting out and this is all coming from your pocket then start small and build as needed. You could consider something like this: I haven’t tried it but the recent Mobile Guide from (google it or search the blog) recommends it and says its quite cheap. That and either the Sennheiser or Rode mini rifle will give you the flexibility you need to do general shots with ambient sound, interviews and vox pops!

      Remember you can cut your videos on your iPhone with either iMovie or Voddio! Good luck with it and let me know how you are getting on. Best, G

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