Limelite | a subdivision of Bowens International launches new Pro-Videography product range via @limelitevideo

I think this is a very interesting and clever development on Bowens Internationals part. If you are a semi-pro/professional photographer then the name Bowens is one you will automatically associate with some of the best photography lighting equipment available.

Disclosure: I personally own 2 Bowens Gemini 500W strobe kits, and a whole range of light modifiers, beauty dishes, soft boxes – almost entirely Bowens gear so perhaps Im slightly biased but I would defy anyone to challenge the quality of Bowens gear.

Well, those clever guys have realized that photography is shifting into that hybrid space of DSLR Cinematography and that the trend (about three years old at this stage – (thank you Vincent Laforet and Philip Bloom) is still on the increase. To address this growing market Bowens have launched a subBrand: Limelite.

Limelite have just announced two flagship DSLR Video / photography products with more on the way. See for more…

Limelite M7 HD Field Monitor Video Lighting, Camera Accessories & Equipment.

From the Press Release: The Limelite M7 Field Monitor is a compact, battery and mains-powered monitor built for use with HD-DSLR and video cameras. The unit can handle signals from a wide range of camera sources and does not require HDMI splitters to relay the signal to an additional monitor or external device.  It will be demonstrated at Focus on Imaging at The NEC in March and will have a price tag of £275 (ex VAT)

Key features:

– Compact, lightweight, 16:9/4:3, pro-grade 7″ HD field monitor kit

– Super high 1024×600 native resolution – 25% more pixels than comparable monitors. Accepts up to 1920×1280

– Exceptionally wide 150-degree viewing angle

– Ultra bright 700:1 contrast ratio

– Wide range of user-adjustable menu settings
User-programmable function buttons for personalised control

– HDMI, Component, Composite and Video inputs plus HDMI output (loop through) – no need for expensive HDMI splitters.

– Kit includes Canon LP-E6, Sony NP-F and V-mount battery adaptors plus AC mains adaptor

– Optional Panasonic DU-21, Sony NP-QM and Anton Bauer battery adaptors available

– 6-24v DC input (XLR4 input provided). Accepts power from battery belts, broadcast cameras etc.

– Mounts to any 3/8″ support devices – hotshoe swivel mount and desktop mounts supplied

– Detachable sunshade and HDMI-Mini HDMI cable included

The Limelite M7 will be available from selected photo and video stockists.

Also in the new range is Limelite Limelite Mosaic LED Panel Video Lighting, Camera Accessories & Equipment.

The rugged 30x30cm panel provides 4200 Lux of high quality, brilliant 5600°K daylight and retails at £714.00 (inc. VAT).

Robert Cook, Bowens marketing director said: “This new panel with its multiple power, control, mounting and usage options, together with the renowned Bowens build quality, is one of the most versatile, reliable and value for money LED panels on the market. It features 576 ultra-bright LEDs, dimmable from 100-0% – providing output around three times as bright as more expensive, similar-sized lights. The difference can be clearly seen in the amount of usable light projected over greater distances.

The Mosaic, with its mains power and industry standard V-lock battery operation available out of the box is ready to go when you are – anytime and anywhere.

The unique intuitive onboard digital control panel with its bright, clear digital display makes operating the Mosaic quick and easy and with full DMX ‘in and out’ control, remote functionality is equally simple.”

He added: “LED panels are traditionally seen as video lighting but the new Mosaic Daylight features a unique f/stop mode which converts the display to show light output in f/stops – making this panel equally practical for photographers.”

• Compact, lightweight, 30x30cm daylight LED panel.
• Strong metal construction designed to withstand professional handling.
• Ultra-bright 576 LED configuration provides 4200Lux at 1m.
• Stable 5600K daylight output to +/- 200K.
• Bright LED control display provides clear indication of light output and DMX settings.
• Option to display output in numeric increments of f-stop.
• RJ45 DMX in and out on-board as standard.
• Kit includes V-mount battery adaptor plus multi-voltage AC mains adaptor.
• Optional Anton Bauer battery adaptor available.
• Mounts to any 5/8″ support devices including stands, booms and HiGlide fittings.
• 2 and 4-panel mounting kits available for building larger banks of light.

* A complete range of accessories including barn doors, colour control filters and battery mounts is also available for the Mosaic. And UK, Euro and USA power cables are available separately to allow videographers and photographers to use the Mosaic Daylight LED panel anywhere in the world.


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