Teradek Link box aims for better video transmission from the field using cellular technology | via DSLR News Shooter |

DSLR News Shooter | Teradek Link box aims for better video transmission from the field using cellular technology. Just in time for IBC- Teradek, makers of the now famous CUBE wireless streaming device have announced the LINK. A mobile H264 encoder 3G/4G mobile bonding and streaming unit. Target price $2999 and due to ship end Sept 12.


I picked the story up from Dan Chung / DSLRNEWSSHOOTER.com (Click link at top of post to visit his site) Theres one paragraph that really caught my attention:

” Link has another unique trick up its sleeve – the device acts similarly to a regular wireless router, allowing any 802.11 enabled device to connect to it for internet access even while you are broadcasting. This means you can upload edited video content from the field over Link’s cellular connection. It also enables iOS devices to monitor the live feed in real time. Link also accepts feeds from multiple Teradek encoders simultaneously, which opens the doors for multi-cam live broadcasts over cellular bandwidth.”

Things are getting interesting 🙂

Heres the Blurb from the Teradek site:

Don’t let cellular dead zones hold you back. Link™ is a portable cellular bonding solution that can be placed in locations with optimal signal reception so camera crews can roam freely without concern for poor connectivity. This is achieved by connecting one or more Teradek H.264 encoders to Link’s a/b/g/n WiFi network. After receiving audio and video from the encoder, Link intelligently broadcasts the data over up to 6 aggregated cellular connections to a Sputnik* server in the cloud or at your station where the various video feeds are recombined into one cohesive stream that is then sent to an H.264 decoder or CDN of your choice.


Whether you are streaming directly to the Web or over the Internet to your station, the Teradek Link can transmit video to nearly any platform, including the CDN or MPEG-TS decoder of your choice. When used over Ethernet with a ZiXi licensed Teradek Brik or Cube encoder, the combination provides a very powerful streaming solution for broadcast professionals.


Link takes a different approach to video transmission. Instead of carrying modems with you, Link is designed to operate similarly to a mobile hotspot. Simply place Link at a location with optimal signal strength, connect your Cube or Brik to Link’s WiFi network, and go live at up to 300 feet away. What’s better is that Link features Teradek’s Adaptive Internet Streaming technology, which dynamically adjusts video parameters in real time to ensure your content is delivered reliably and at the highest quality your connectivity can sustain.


Not only does Link accept video feeds from multiple Teradek encoders, it also supports connections from other 802.11 enabled devices** for Internet access. This feature enables broadcasters to quickly publish edited multi-camera content via Link’s FTP capabilities over cellular bandwidth.


Link’s small size and low power consumption allows for easy placement and long run-times when paired with a V-Mount or Anton Bauer Gold-mount plate and battery. And if you need to swap power sources, Link’s internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows you to make the change without interrupting your live video feed.


NOTE if you think this device looks like an advanced version of the Livestream Broadcaster thats probably because Teradek make the custom device especially for Livestream.


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