FINALLY! Its available: IK Multimedia iRig PRE now shipping €29.99

iRig PRE. It seems like its been a year since I first read the press release about the iRig PRE.

I had tried and tested the Tascam iXZ which offers the same functionality but god knows why Tascam decided to design it into the most unergonomic shape imaginable. So why am I excited about the PRE? This device costing only €29.99 will allow you to connect a professional XLR type microphone to your iPhone/iPad. So what? you say…Well, you have gain control on the signal, Phantom power if needed and headphone monitoring all built in to the device. This is a new milestone in the evolution of Mobile Journalism.

Until now you either had to use one of the mics designed specifically for the iPhone dock connector, Tascam iM2, Blue Mikey etc or use either the Tascam Ixz or the type of monitoring cable that Vericorder supply which is very clever and was ahead of its time. Alternatively you could use the very versatile Fostex Ar4i to connect 2 x mics to the iPhone for stereo recording. However now you can use a mic that meets pro grade: AKG, SHURE etc. Ive just ordered one to test and will post the audio samples from a variety of mics once I have my hands on it.

Click the pic to visit the IK Multimedia website. The iRig PRE is available from


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3 Responses to FINALLY! Its available: IK Multimedia iRig PRE now shipping €29.99

  1. I’ve had one of these for a few weeks now – I’ve not performed extensive testing (although I’ll be out covering an event with it in anger this weekend) but from the couple of times I have used it it has performed well. Two bonuses: the velcro strap on the back is useful for securing it to a rig/stand; although IK Multimedia advertise it as an iOS device, it worked just fine with an Android handset (S3) and I’m hoping it’ll play nicely with my DSLR as well.

  2. vjmentor says:

    Thanks for the feedback David. I’m a fan of IK products in general but I’m disappointed that, in spite of the fact that I signed up to be notified on the IK website and tweeted to them asking for a release date they failed to reply to either. Not impressed with their customer service.

  3. Paul - IK UK says:

    If VJMENTOR would like to drop me a line with his full contact details, I can check that he is registered on our system to receive product announcements and updates. If something has gone awry, I am happy to put it right immediately. My direct email address is
    We always do our best to help an interested user!
    best regards
    Paul Kaufman, IK Multimedia UK

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