Why Im backing: “You Put What In My Mouth?” A documentary by Team Mercury Exposure on Kickstarter

You Put What In My Mouth ? by Team Mercury Exposure — Kickstarter.

Im pledging towards the finance of “You put what in my mouth” on Kickstarter for a number of reasons.

First off, if you look at the Kickstarter trailer  you will see very quickly that a lot of research and a hell of a lot of effort has gone in to this documentary already. The guys behind this doc are professional independent filmmakers who have already committed as much of their personal resources as they can afford to get the doc as far as it is. Now they need public support to push it over the line. The Kickstarter campaign is seeking $60,000 to finish the doc and get it distributed – small money in production terms.

At the time of writing they had secured $11,012 with 52 backers. Theres 24 days to go (as of 18/09/12) and I for one want to do any and all I can to help them meet their goal. The topic is contentious – It explores the potentially lethal side effects of Mercury vapour derived from metal dental fillings that have been in use for decades – I have one for hells sake! In the best tradition of Michael Moore docs these guys are telling a story that big business doesn’t want heard. So its extremely unlikely that any big networks will put their might behind the campaign and fund it. This is the ultimate opportunity to show how crowd funding can help fund/create documentaries that otherwise could never be realised.

Please spare 5 mins of your day to pop over to the Kickstarter page to watch the trailer – after that its up to you and your conscience. If you follow my blog you will know I don’t use adverts or similar. I also don’t endorse products, I review as best I can from an impartial standpoint, but this project is for me an absolute exception. This is a story that needs to be told.


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One Response to Why Im backing: “You Put What In My Mouth?” A documentary by Team Mercury Exposure on Kickstarter

  1. Glen…what a terrific write up…THANK YOU, so much for your very thoughtful description of our project. We appreciate you making an exception for us from your usual impartial reporting.

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