KLYP Case For IPHONE 4/4S | Manfrotto



KLYP Case For IPHONE 4/4S + ML120 LED Light + POCKET Tripod MKPL120KLYP0 – IPhone® 4/4S | Manfrotto. Apparently that is  Manfrotto’s motto on their new iPhone Camera adapter.

Click link for short promo video…https://vimeo.com/49314117

The KLYP seems to take aim at the market occupied by Diffcase, the MCam, OWLE Bubo and the Phocus…EXCEPT all of these solutions  offer additional lens configurations- the KLYP £24.95 does not. Its basic form (without the Light and micro-tripod) is aimed directly at the DiffCase $34.95, but the Diffcase offers the tripod mount points PLUS the DiffSHADE (kickstand) for which the case was originally built.

(You can buy a three lens kit as an option for the diffcase for $49.95.)

Given that the KLYP is designed for the 4 / 4s and that the iPhone 5 is now shipping I wonder if the market will be there for this product. Don’t get me wrong I like Manfrotto products, I have several of their tripods and some of these same LED lights for my MoJo gear but I think the jury will remain out on this. What do you think?

In other news…..

Ive been using the DiffCAGE lately with both my iPhone and my Sony Nex5n. Its a really nicely machined frame with loads of mount points including metal discs for holding magnetic lenses. I will eventually get around to posting some photos of it in action and a video but Im absolutely crazy busy finalising my presentations for the first Circom Mobile Journalsim course which is next week in Budapest. I won’t be streaming the presentations this time but I might shoot a behind the scenes video and post that up during the week.


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