G7 Pro Universal Tablet Tripod Mount – Fits any standard tripod head 1/4-20 thread and latest version of @FilMicPro

G7 Pro Universal Tablet Tripod Mount – Fits any standard tripod head 1/4-20 thread.

 The iPad mini (that Ive had on back order since it was announced) arrived this morning. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet but I did come across this device from iShot:  iShot G7 iPad/iPad Mini Tripod mount, that might be the first step in making it a viable field production device for video. I can confirm that the iRig Pre does work perfectly with the mini. I downloaded FilMicPro 2 and Pinnacle studio to see how they perform on it and this was the first time I have seen the new FilMic Interface on iPad – VERY NICE

FilMicPro 2 has a digital Zoom feature where you can store 3 preset zoom points and control the speed of the zoom. There are different frame rates 24p,25p,30p (note 60p is gone as a result of iOS6)

There are new settings: SloMo, Super SloMo, 2 x Speed, 6 x speed and Timelapse that all generate exportable files and the new image stabilisation is pretty impressive too. The only downside is the clip by clip export to camera roll, the original FilMic allowed you to select whether the clips were recorded into a FilMic Pro reel or direct to the Camera Roll, but that feature is now gone. I have asked Cinegenix to consider a batch export function as a compromise. The new histogram is a great addition -particularly for those tricky exposure/ high contrast scenes (Though why it doesn’t go the full height of the window its in is beyond me!)

Could this be the  ULTIMATE MoJo device?? I’ll try and shoot some usable footage in the coming days and post it. Interestingly when I launched FilMicPro2 it mentioned the impending release of FilMicPro Studio – “an App that features edit, filter and audio options” – I wonder will the edit features be rudementary or a real competitor for iMovie and Pinnacle Studio? Interesting…..


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