Byanymeans-ifilm shot entirely on iPhone | Dan Czerwonka, Producer


ActionLifeMedia the makers of the MCam –  iPhone holder/lens grip had an interesting link to this film on their website: its called By Any Means and it is yet another iPhone shot, short film which looks like its going to do the rounds on the iPhone Film Festival circuit. What cracks me up about this one is that Dan Czerwonka, the films producer mentions on the site that they decided to shoot the whole movie on an iPhone 4s but they then decided to shoot the entire Behind the Scenes production film on a RED EPIC! The irony is killing me…Maybe the guys giving out about Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012had a point after all! Im looking forward to seeing the finished product – they sure used a LOT of great accessories and the website is very informative. You can follow Dan Czerwonka on twitter @furiouswind

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