RØDE Microphones – Introduce “SmartLav” lapel mic for iPhone / iPad

rode_smartlav_packshot__69011.1358971622.1280.1280RØDE Microphones – smartLav. Ive just picked this story up on Twitter, thanks to @callapro for the heads up. Following on from their recent announcement of the iXY Microphone for iOS, RODE have now taken another substantial step with the announcement of the SmartLav – a Lavalier mic which has the 4pole TRRS connector for use with the iPhone and iPad. MicW were first to the market with a lav mic for iOS devices –i825 i855 kit

I wrote about their i825 Omni Lavalier and i855 Cardioid Lavalier in a previous blog post.

What really interests me is that RODE are pitching their SmartLav well below the cost of the MicW equivalents. Rode_smartLav_TRRS_laveliermicrofoon_07_metiphoneThe i825 and i855 retail for around £175 and £205 respectively but according to a tweet from RODE they expect the SmartLav to retail for about $60 (€45) which makes it a very competitive price. If the build quality is anything like the rest of the RODE range then this will be a MUST HAVE accessory for Mobile Journalism. I havent found a UK / Ireland supplier yet but really cant wait to get my hands on one to try out. I still have the MicW i855 and will do an audio booth test with both and post to soundcloud once the SmartLav arrives.

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