50% discount on TouchEdit App for iPad – reduced to €21.99 for a limited time

TouchEdit App for iPad. When the first whispers of TouchEdit surfaced (HT to @LenND1) I was quite excited at the prospect of a new, independent editing Platform for iPad. Ive been using Pinnacle Studio (formerly Avid studio) for projects since version 1.1 was released and its a powerful and intuitive interface which, for €11.99 I think is worth the money. Before the Release of Studio I had been using Apple’s iMovie but the inability to easily split audio from video and move it around in the timeline was a major limitation. Fast forward to a a few nights ago. I spotted that TouchEdit had been released in the App Store but was pretty stunned when I saw the asking price: €49.99! Im sorry but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that for an App that was new to the App store and hadn’t yet proven itself. Subsequently a colleague tweeted to me to let me know that Touchedit had gone on sale at half price. Somewhat grudgingly I decided to bite the bullet and buy it for a test.

I try out a lot of Apps – its part of my job to assess and recommend Apps that may have an impact in journalism or tv/film production. I have a few simple criteria when assessing: Function: does it do what it claims it can do? Useability / User Interface :Can I figure it out using just intuition, does the UI make sense instinctively? Design: Does the App use the multitouch interface well and is the layout simple and clear, Reliability : Does it crash much?  and finally Cost : does the price match the function and design?

When you read the function information on the TouchEdit website  it really does sound like an exceptional piece of editing software:  including “TouchEdit is frame accurate and carries timecode and can export a list -fcpxml with others to follow. It carries 8 tracks of stereo sound. It uses classic source/record monitors that can attach via HDMI to a monitor to use a client screen (monitoring not mirroring). It can download media from Dropbox.” 

With an intro like that I had very high hopes. Unfortunately my experience hasn’t lived up to those expectations. The first thing that really threw me is that the timeline at the bottom of the screen plays right to left. The Record / Source reels also play “backwards” (as opposed to in reverse) The Dual screens (Source/Record) are a great idea and I thought this might have been borrowed from High End NLE solutions like Avid Media Composer but to be honest I found the simple process of Mark-In, Mark-Out Insert or Overwrite almost impossible to figure out using intuition – because it doesn’t follow any of the norms from NLEs. (Non Linear Editing apps). So I, after an hour of frustration, gave in and viewed the tutorials on YouTube. Then I came back to the App and tried it again – this time admittedly with more success. But heres my problem, I can assemble a series of clips in iMovie or Pinnacle Studio in mere seconds, I didn’t have to open help tutorials or the like to figure it out, it just made sense. Back to TouchEdit, in order to access the 8 channel audio mixer you turn the iPad to Portrait and the audio mixer is revealed. Here again I tried the simple task of copying an audio clip from the source monitor to track two on the record side. Nope couldn’t do it – back to the reference video. At that point I gave up!

Bottom line, I spent a lot more time than average trying to figure the interface out – for me thats a bad start, the functionality sounds amazing-if I could get to test it even better. However as a trainer I need an App thats both POWERFUL and INTUITIVE. In my humble opinion reinventing the wheel was unnecessary here and may prove to be a costly mistake by the App Makers. That said I genuinely welcome feedback from you on your experience using the App, if you have a great experience tell me why, better still if you post a video on YouTube showing how easy it can be once you understand the interface Ill even embed in here to counter my review, but in my opinion the €21.99 I spent was not a worthwhile purchase so at full price I would have been even more critical. Interestingly @TouchEdit did subsequently tweet to me to justify the price tag citing the fact that TouchEdit is frame accurate – unlike (according to them) Pinnacle Studio.


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One Response to 50% discount on TouchEdit App for iPad – reduced to €21.99 for a limited time

  1. FR says:

    Hi Glen! It’s funny, I recently discovered TouchEdit by accident and downloaded the Lite version to play around. Today, I found your blog entry, of course you have been there long before! 😉 First off, I have a question (might be a silly one): Is this what one calls “linear editing” as opposed to “non-linear editing” because I can’t move around clips freely in the timeline?
    I have to say TouchEdit was/is quite an experience for me! First, I was really frustrated like you because I didn’t have a clue of how to get some basic editing done. And just like you, I had to consult tutorials and help pages to get off the ground. By now however I find this app somewhat fascinating and intriguing because it seems to open a window into the past of moving picture editing for me, a time I’ve only read about in books. I also like the tactile aspect of moving around a virtual film strip with your fingers on a virtual editing table (one could argue that one can do that with iMovie too but that’s different). And while the price for the full version (can’t believe it was once 50$!!!) might not be justified, there’s a free and a reasonably priced lite version (ad-free). Sure, the workflow is somewhat cumbersome compared to iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, KineMaster Pro etc. and I probably wouldn’t use it for projects I need to get done fast. But as I mentioned before I appreciate the learning experience this app gives me and the two monitors do have a certain charm to them. Still, there are a couple of things that are really annoying. At least in the lite version you have to load an audio clip to the source track everytime you want to do some audio editing. I take it this is a bit less of a hassle in the full version when switching to portrait mode (which is not available in the lite version)? So no, I won’t be editing a lot of stuff with TouchEdit and I’m sure that this is not the future of mobile video editing but while I’m not willing to spend 22 Euros for the full version I still like the app for what it is. Have you come back to TouchEdit after your initial contact?

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