Livestream announce new Livestream Studio™ models just in time for NAB

Livestream Store — Models – Livestream Studio™.

Livestream have just radically expanded their Livestream Studio line of multi Camera “studio in a box” solutions. The New range now starts with an entry level software solution (PC only ) : Livestream Studio Software $1,999 and now runs up to the Livestream Studio HD1700; a 16  x HDSDI Input Rack mount frame thats powered by 4 x BlackmagicDesign DeckLink Quad cards and a BlackmagicDesign DeckLink Studio card $24,999. Filling the space between these two polar opposite solutions is the Livestream Studio HD50 $6,999,

the Livestream Studio HD500 $8,500 (which I have blogged about previously) and the Livestream Studio HD900 $14,999 which, like the top of the range HD1700, is based in a rackmount frame.

If all these solutions seem too far out of reach for your budget don’t forget that the Livestream Broadcaster  is still shipping at the pretty incredible price of $495 for a single camera self-contained streaming solution.

Click any image or the link at the top of the post to visit the Livestream Store for all the information and specifications.

NOTE ALL THESE HARDWARE SOLUTIONS ARE LITSED AS US ONLY for direct purchase from Livestream with the sole exception of the Studio software. The Livestream Broadcaster is available worldwide*

(*with some exceptions)

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One Response to Livestream announce new Livestream Studio™ models just in time for NAB

  1. Anthony Leogrande says:

    First off, when you buy it instead of use the free version they advertise up to 10 REMOTE cameras. What they don’t tell you is the anything on your LOCAL area network is considered REMOTE.

    NEXT – The software crashes. I have done 8 live streams – 5 have crashed at least once and three crashed within 5 minutes – multiple times repeatedly. Costing me business and making me look like I don’t know what I am doing.

    LIVESTREAM IS GARBAGE!!!! 100% garbage – if you want to do it right get wirecast. Won’t crash, costs less, they care about the customers and it does what it says it can do. It’s actually more powerful and easier to use as well.

    Support is terrible. They answer the calls but nobody there has any idea how to do anything. Talk to 3 different people get three different answers none fix the issue.

    My reason for sharing is… I have purchased both and don’t want other users to have to do the same!

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