Olloclip – makers of the famous 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens release a free companion App | via @olloclip

  Photo 28-05-2013 12 29 17

olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens. I recently posted a blog about Olloclip and their new olloclip Quick-Flip Case. Well Patrick O’Neill, founder and CEO and the clever team at olloclip have also been busy developing a companion App – also called Olloclip.

The App is free and features:

A CAMERA with three functions Normal, Macro and Video modes.

I was surprised to see that the option of the Exposure control and focus control which can be turned on and controlled separately in either photomode  was not an option in Video mode. Also there is no way ( I could see) to lock the focus/exposure once set. Maybe that will come in the next version of the app.

Photo 28-05-2013 12 34 04

Note: When you switch to video mode the camera starts to auto-record – this is something that should be an option in the settings menu and not the default – in my opinion. But I like the fact that one of the settings in ALLOW VERTICAL VIDEO! Yeah no more VVS!

Photo 28-05-2013 12 34 13

The Macro photography mode also has a LOUPE mode which zooms in on the image by a preset amount (2x / 2.5x / 3x)

Photo 28-05-2013 12 29 43 Photo 28-05-2013 12 30 57

MESH EDITOR MODE- gives you the ability to load images from your camera roll that were shot using an olloclip and correct the barrel distortion effects created by the wide angle or macro lenses.

If you are not familiar with olloclip check out this video:

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