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G-CONNECT – Wireless Storage for iPad® and iPhone® | G-Technology.

Having just bought one I thought Id write a quick blog about the G-Connect from G-Technology (which I believe is a subsidiary of Hitachi) Looks Cool doesn’t it?

Here’s part of the opening description from their website:

“Expanded Capacity for iPad® and iPhone® Users

G-CONNECT is a wireless storage device designed for on-the-go access to content through the iPad and iPhone. Use it to access content that’s not already loaded on a mobile device, including movies, music, books, photos, and documents……”


So with that in mind I thought – Brilliant! A wireless device that can be used to give me “expanded capacity for iPhone and iPad” Ill have one of those thank you very much… You see one of the biggest challenges I get while on location training Mobile Journalists is how do I back up my (or the studnets) content – or save my finished stories from my iPhone/iPad.

Right now there are a few solutions:

1. Connect your device to a Mac/PC open iTunes and copy the content from the App.

2. FTP the finished edit from your camera roll or from the App (if it supports FTP) to your FTP server* (assuming you/your tv station has an ftp server)

3. Install DROPBOX, BOX, GOOGLE DRIVE or one of the other online cloud storage solutions and upload a copy to the cloud – but note the file will be compressed before being uploaded*

4. Send the video via email but as a downloadable link  with an App like YouSendIt (this bypasses the email size limits often set in enterprise situations)

5. Connect your iDevice to the Apple Digital Av Adapter and record the clip via HDMI into something that…well, records HDMI. (like at Atomos Ninja for example- definitely in the silly/expensive territory here)

6. Connect your iDevice wirelessly to a WiFi storage drive and copy the file to the Video Folder. Perfect – the G-Connect is just the solution… but STOP! NO ITS NOT!

Clever though the G-Connect may seem when you are reading the PR blurb…

Simultaneous Content Streaming & Internet Access

G-CONNECT can wirelessly stream high definition content to up to three devices or standard definition content to up to five devices simultaneously. It even acts as a WiFi Internet access point for five+ users!”


The one fundamental thing the G-Connect Apps CANNOT DO is a direct upload of content from your iDevice camera roll to the WiFi drive – so no direct backup of your Photos or Videos! In the G-Connect App you can DOWNLOAD a file from the G-Connect to the iPad Camera Roll (or to a folder within the G-Connect App on the iPhone) in what they refer to as “OFFLINE MODE” but you cannot – or at least I CANNOT find a way to backup TO the G-Connect directly from my iPhone or iPad.

RTFM you say? Yes Ive read the manual in a state of bewilderment – how the hell can they release a product that has SO MUCH potential and then fail to provide the simplest yet most required part of the workflow??? How? I CANT TYPE ANY BIGGER THAN THIS BUT I WOULD IF I COULD!!!

Seriously G-Technology / Hitachi as makers of highly reputable, industry standard Raid drives etc etc can you PLEASE get your S*** together and fix this- its bloody insane!

Now before any of you decide to berate me for this post with the response that you CAN backup the content of the iPhone/iPad to the G-Connect via your Mac or PC- Can I point out that yes Im aware of that, but if Im going to do that then I would probably just as likely buy a cheaper 1TB Portable HardDrive and forget about all the bells and whistles of the G-Connect and given that the late Steve Jobs has spoken of the Post PC era I just thought, for a moment, that some joined up thinking had produced a really fantastic product that bridges that gap. Im sorry to say with the current handicap – the G-Connect falls short of that expectation (or misses a great opportunity)

Do any of you know of an alternative WiFi enabled device that can have content transferred to is from the camera roll via WiFi? If so please PLEASE let me know. Cheers


I have found some alternative options via this website It would appear that there is no way to save content directly from the iPhone/iPad to an external wifi drive. Which makes me wonder how come no one has come up with a wireless drive that can support FTP protocol? Then you could simply use iFTP or FTP on the Go PRO to transfer the files to the drive? Hmmm

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2 Responses to G-CONNECT – Wireless Storage for iPad® and iPhone® | G-Technology via @GTechEurope @G-Tech_Support

  1. Lisa says:

    Ugh… I just bought one of these. For the same reason.. that “expanded capacity for iPhone and iPad”. Reputable company, product seemed legit. Was even on sale for a great price (now I know why). Wish I had seen your post first. Sigh. Massive FAIL, G-Technology.

  2. Same mistake here too. I bought one for my wife while I was in the US as she was struggling with insufficient storage on her iPhone!! But now I realize that this device is a Fail!

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