Check this out: RecoLive MultiCam – The Multi-Camera Shooting App for iOS via @RecoInfo

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 23.38.34
RecoLive MultiCam – The Multi-Camera Shooting App – Video.

You may have heard of Collabracam or indeed Vyclone but here is another iOS multi camera application that has a new feature set that I think is quite unique and certainly gives it a competitive edge.

RecoLive is similar to Collabracam in that it uses the RecoLive App to either act as a remote camera or as a multi camera director/controller – the Director interface is particularly effective on the iPad.


Ok, so maybe the Swiss developers don’t buy into the rule of crossing the line – but the video (in spite of being in French) still gives a pretty good idea of the potential of RecoLive. So heres the three extra bits they have introduced that I think really sets them apart from the competitors.


1. Built in support for Galileo – the Kickstarter funded remote control iPhone holder and interface for iOS. Galileo is designed by Motrr and will be available to purchase soon via their website This is pretty awesome stuff as it means the director (using the iPad App) can potentially control a number of remote iPhones  in Galileo mounts – this gives the director effective PT (Pan, Tilt) control. Pretty Awesome


2. RecoLive Capture A companion App for OSX which streams the desktop output of the Mac or any camera available on the mac over wifi (presumably via AirPlay) to the Director App – meaning you can deliver a Keynote on the mac and it will appear as a source on the Director App together with any other RecoLive cameras  (as long as they are all connected to the same WiFi network and the AirPlay ports required are not locked down by a firewall.) Note this App is described on the RecoLive website as an “EXPERIMENTAL” version of the App to garner user feedback. Its free as a result but may also have some bugs to be ironed out.


3. The latest update to the RecoLive App offers an override of the default auto exposure and focus with new Manual exposure and focus control and even a dimmer feature so the flash on the iPhone 5 can be used as a tally light! See their blog post for more info on this.

NOTE: I have not yet tested RecoLive or any of the features Ive just mentioned however I intend to do so once I can get my hands on a Galileo – which will hopefully be soon. I will update the post at that stage.

RecoLive is 4.99 on the App Store (note it requires iOS 6.1 to run the latest version and the RecoLive Capture App for OSX requires OSX 10.8)

You can follow RecoLive on twitter


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