The Best Video Camera App for iOS, @FilMicPro, just got a whole lot better.

Ive literally just downloaded the latest update to FilMicPro and Im blown away by the latest features.

Key updates:


Of all the above the one Ive been waiting for most is the Realtime Audio monitoring. I have to mention VideoPro App which alerted me to the fact that they had this feature in May, however one of my fellow trainers, John Inge Johansen from NRK in Norway tried the VideoPro App and discovered that on his iPhone 4S he was getting variable frame rates despite selecting 25fps – I dont know if that is still an issue but I will check. Nonetheless the ability to turn on or off audio monitoring is now in FilMic and this truly makes it the defacto BEST VIDEO APP for IOS (in my humble opinion)

Another cool feature is FilMic Remote, I had access to an early beta release of this and with the exception of some latency issues I was really impressed. In short it allows one iPhone or iPad running the FilMic Remote App to take control of another App that has the webserver enabled in the FilMic Settings. I need to check again but the plan was it could work over bluetooth, WiFi and 3G which is pretty awesome. So in theory you could have an iPhone plugged into a power supply and in standby mode and the remote App could wake it, set it to record and (though this may not be active yet) send the recording to the remote. Im going to test this in the coming days and report back.

One particular aspect of the Remote App settings though shows up in the settings as SCREEN OPTIONS and its in here that there is in fact a hidden gem. If you have ever tried to connect your iPhone to a separate screen you will know you can mirror via Airplay or use the Apple Digital AV adapter to connect it to a HDMI source- however it is an exact copy of the screen – menu and all. Under the screen options menu you get the following options:


NO ACTION (the Default setting)
Disable Preview
Blank screen

Also these last three options appear for “While connected to FilMic Remote)

Let me explain what this means: FILMICPRO has just become the first camera App (to the best of my knowledge) that can send a completely clean HDMI live output from the iPhone. I can now connect it to a recorder like the ATMOS NINJA and record a clean output, I could connect it to a streaming device like the LIVESTREAM BROADCASTER- but why would I when I can stream directly from the App?!

The built in chroma key is a great addition, Ill shoot a test on a green screen background and see how it performs.

Im hoping to get a Skype interview with Neill Barham, the founder and CEO of Cinegenix, makers of FilMicPro this week so if you have any questions you’d like me to ask him reply or tweet them to me @glenbmulcahy

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Innovation Lead, RTÉ | VJ & MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Trainer -Circom Regional | Photographer | HDSLR shooter| Views are strictly personal, not those of my employer.

2 Responses to The Best Video Camera App for iOS, @FilMicPro, just got a whole lot better.

  1. Stephan says:

    What headphone volume level setting do you use on the iphone for realtime audio monitoring with filmic pro?

    • vjmentor says:

      So two tips: to get correct exposure set iPhone brightness to 50-60% use the same for approx level for headphone volume when monitoring audio. My experience has also been that 50% -60% audio level in FilMicPro on the meter (barely into yellow) gives good results.

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