Issues with the Rode iXY while recording Video via RockyBiasi


“Rocky” left a comment on my post about the Rode iXY microphone for iOS. He asked if he was doing something wrong with the iXY as he wasn’t able to record audio while shooting video if the iXY was connected to his iPhone 4s. I was somewhat intrigued…I hadn’t tested the iXY while shooting video, to be honest (as I asked Rocky) why would you…the XY config mic is in effect sitting at a 90degree right angle to the camera so I assume the audio will be less than ideal (even if it was working) however I still decided to do a few tests to see if I could spot an issue/find a solution.

Its raised some very interesting observations actually…
1. Rocky is 99% correct, if you connect the iXY to the iPhone 4s and shoot video with the Native Camera App the audio level is unusably low (not non-existent)

2. I tested the iXY with the Rode Rec App and its working perfectly, I also downloaded the FREE Rode Rec LE App as it has a Firmware update which I applied to the iXY and tested again but the result was the same.

3. I then tried using the iXY with the latest version of FiLMiCPro v3.3 but had the same issue as with the native camera App – Audio very low

4. Next I tested the iXY using FilMic Classic heres the result:

By the way I have to apologise for the shoddy, handheld, low light camerawork, but it is 2am here in Ireland and Im more than just a little knackered! :/

One tip, Make sure you enable the iPhone speaker when playing back the recorded clips. [Double tap home button, scroll left and tap the AirPlay symbol if it shows beside the volume slider – select iPhone Speaker if it in the list, if its not then it should be automatically selected.]

Im sure the guys from Cinegenix (who are the developers of FilMicPro) could shed more light on this if asked! Anyway Rocky, to answer your question: if you want to use the iXY to record audio on your video clips then FilMic Classic seems to be the solution.

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8 Responses to Issues with the Rode iXY while recording Video via RockyBiasi

  1. Rocky says:

    You are a champion Glen. I called the people from IXY and went to an Apple store here in Australia and got nowhere! I’ll download that app and see how it goes.

  2. bobby says:

    good review, would like to know other Video Rec apps that would be compatible with iXY.
    Perhaps buying an iphone ext. cable adaptor so the mic can face the correct way would be an idea.

  3. bobby says:

    confirmed, the 30pin extension cable works, I can now face the iXY anywhere i like while still filming myself playing guitar. filmic pro is still very quiet. filmic classic is good. going to have to test other apps

  4. VicDiesel says:

    Hm. Downloaded Filmic classic, and I get the same thing. Audio metering shows a good signal through the built-in microphone, when I plug in the iXY the signal quickly goes to complete zero. Actually, if I scratch the mic it shows a few bars, so it must be just extremely quiet. This is really annoying. I don’t care that the mic points the wrong way. Hey, my ears don’t face the same way as my eyes. And I’m not overly concerned with a correct stereo image. I just want to record audio & video!

  5. VicDiesel says:

    Guys, I found the solution. Or, at least _a_ solution.

    1. Attach your iXY

    2. Open the Rode app, and start recording.

    3. While recording, tap the microphone to the left of the meters, and a microphone gain slider appears.

    4. Drag that slider to the right.

    5. Stop recording and go to your favourite video app; you will now have perfect sound.

  6. Enderson Medeiros says:

  7. rama says:

    hi ,

    Is there is any way to use rode ixy in other phones like nokia lumia!

    • vjmentor says:

      Hi The mic in question is designed for lightning (iOS) but Lumia devices *should* support TRRS microphones (ie. Ones that connect via the headphone socket) If you are on twitter, follow @wytsevellinga He has done a lot of work with Lumias for Mojo

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