DJI Phantom Quadrocopter with GoPro Hero 3 mount

Its August but it feels like Christmas to me, not because of unusually bad weather – this is Ireland after all, bad weather is par for the course, but because I collected my DJI Phantom today and am absolutely gagging to try to fly this thing this weekend.


If you have no idea what the hell Im taking about then this awesome short Youtube Video by Matt Quest (aka @questpact) might explain my excitement…

I first saw the DJI Phantom in previews from CES last year. Im already a big fan of GoPro


so when I saw Colin Guinn, CEO of DJI Innovations show a really great UAV / Quadrocopter for less than 1K that came with a mount for a GoPro I got just a tad excited. Its taken me this long to convince my ever suffering better half to let me buy one… You see I bought the Parrot AR Drone a few years back and having flown it about 12 times and smashing it quite badly at the end I felt a bit sheepish about making a case for buying another drone.


But to be honest the only thing the two devices have in common is 4 rotors. With the best of respect to Parrot, its a great thing to play with and the latest version of the ARDrone App that allows you to see the video from the camera on your iPhone and record the video is a huge improvement on the original but it really is a toy by comparison to the Phantom. DJI recently launched a high end Gimble for the Phantom called the Zenmuse H3 2D which will allow you to tilt the GoPro while flying and also has  some vibration dampening in the mount to keep the camera more stable. 


DJI will be launching a new version of the Phantom called VISION soon- it will be more expensive than the current model as it will have its own integral HD / 14mpx camera built in with a gimble (camera stabiliser and tilt controller) and a wireless video relay system so you can see the pictures from the camera on your iOS device via the DJIVision App.


Heres an interview with Colin Guinn shot by Bryan Conover | LightsoundImagination  and a piece from Gizmag about the Vision preview. Hopefully I’ll have some decent sample vids to show you in coming days/weeks (weather permitting!)

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3 Responses to DJI Phantom Quadrocopter with GoPro Hero 3 mount

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  2. Helmetcam says:

    I didn’t know that the Gopro Hero3 can be mounted with a drone. I didn’t own a drone by the way. The anti-vibration is great but quality of video and images are wonderful. i just received mine and wrote the review here

  3. PremjithNatesan says:

    Thanks for the innovations. sir plz let me know, from where i can buy this in India and how much is its cost . How high it can fly under controle.. is it have a GPRS system…. like to know more… (y) 🙂

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