3D Printed monitor mount for @DJIGlobal Phantom2 controller

UPDATE: 5th August 2014

Rave Creative (makers of the 3D printed Mount below) have launched a dedicated website for the mount-Click Image to visit

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 16.16.18

Over the weekend I took my DJI Phantom2 Quadcopter out for a quick flight test. I recently got a pair of Zeiss Cinemizer HD Glasses and wanted to test them in parallel with my current set-up with a SmallHD DP4 field monitor.



Screenshot 2014-06-23 22.24.34

I have the DJI AVL58 Wireless FPV (First Person View) transmitter installed (€250) on the Phantom2 but its not HD.

DJI do sell a 1080p HD FPV system called the LIGHTBRIDGE but it costs around €1,200 so its out of my price range given I’m just an enthusiast and not a professional user. Though today I saw a tweet from Philip Bloom which referred to the Teradek Clip which looks like it might be a good alternative to the Lightbridge-the only downside is its aimed to be used with an iOS or Android receiver-if you enable the RTMP open stream (with the extra license cost) it ends up equivalent to the Lightbridge.

The other thing that might be of interest is the custom 3D printed monitor mount I’m using with my Phanotm Controller…


This is a 3d printed Monitor mounting bracket designed especially for the DJI Phantom controller. Its designed by Phil Ravenshear from Ravecreative.co.uk and printed using their Makerbot 3D printer. If you are interested in one just drop Phil an email for a quote. Its very sturdy when fitted to the controller and I much prefer it to the carbon fibre-frame options you see online.


photo-3a photo-4a photo-5a



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