MoondogLabs 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter for iPhone 5/5s Unboxing and FCPx Squeeze tutorial


I ordered a MoondogLabs 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter a while back. Their Kickstarter campaign  caught my interest,  particularly when it emerged that they had reached out to FilMicPro to have an In-App Squeeze option added!

So you ask Whats an Anamorphic Lens Adapter and Why would you want one?

Here’s a quote from the MoonDogLabs Kickstarter page:

“Anamorphic lenses were introduced for filmmaking in the 1950’s to create an immersive, panoramic experience intended to compete with the widespread adoption of television.  In addition to a wide aspect ratio, the anamorphic aesthetic is characterized by horizontal flares, distortion that creates a unique sense of depth or dimensionality, and oval “bokeh” or blur for out-of-focus areas. For these artistic reasons, anamorphic filmmaking has been enjoying a decades-long renaissance.  However, due to the complexity and expense of the optics involved, anamorphic lenses are not readily available to most independent filmmakers.  We believe there are stories best told with an anamorphic aesthetic, so we have developed an affordable 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter specifically for the iPhone 5/5S.”


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 14.46.22

So my Adapter arrived this morning, as it was a U.S. import I had to pay the Customs and Excise import duty (€41) on top of the lens price of $199. So not cheap, particularly on this side of the pond and not for everyone, but if you are a budding Conrad Mess or Michael Koerbel  and you are after that “Cinematic” feel for your epic iPhone short Film then this is definitely something you need to look at…

I took the Adapter out for a quick test shoot, using the current version of FilMicPro, and then using the footage I imported it into my Mac so I could create a simple project in FCPx to show you how to SQUEEZE the footage to the correct Aspect Ratio.

Remember, the new version of FimMicPro will have an option in the menu to allow you to Squeeze the footage In-App-no release date from Cinegenix as yet but will keep you posted. In the meantime heres that tutorial.


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5 Responses to MoondogLabs 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter for iPhone 5/5s Unboxing and FCPx Squeeze tutorial

  1. says:

    Hi Glen

    Still loving the blog!

    We’ve finally got a training phone for the mojo kit. It’s an iPhone 5s so I need to order a new holder for it. Would you recommend the phocus accent (like the one we already have?). I spotted a different one in this edition of your blog so I just wanted to check if something better was on the market.



    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Terrific stuff, as always Glen. Is there any loss of sharpness or image quality here? With wide-angled add-on lenses for iPhone we often see some loss of definition, particularly around the fringes – no obvious signs of that here?

    • vjmentor says:

      I’ll do some more testing David but I spotted none on the shots used in the post/tutorial. The build quality is VERY good-will try some more this week and let you know. G

  3. Dinko says:

    I would like to try it even if i don’t get the point :)..Anamorphic is used to fill film format with picture so you end with “more”…Since iPhone use whole chip for it’s video/picture what you end up here is actually same info in different aspect ratio. So it is worth for achieving that FOV/Lensflares/Look but thats about that. Regardless of all that i would like to have if it wasn’t that pricey (for a gimmick)…

    • vjmentor says:

      Your ascorbic wit and sharp review/comments are always in sharp contrast to mine Dinko-we seem to have a Ying/Yang thing going on. You have a point of course, as always, and yes it could be argued that this is a “gimmick” but it does genuinely offer a wider field of view and so far, without the chromatic aberrations seen on lenses like Olloclip and Smartphocus. Given you are a creative, whom I respect, and someone who clearly values quality and aesthetic I’m surprised you’re not more positive/curious. This wider FOV and a more cinematic look (Illusion or otherwise) I though would be exciting to a filmmaker like you!

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